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Beautyberry: Jelly and Mosquito Spray Recipe

Hubby has a sweet customer on his route that let us pick all of her beautyberries in exchange for some Beautyberry Jelly. From root to tip, the Beautyberry can be used for many different purposes. I like to make the berries into a jelly and use the leaves in a mosquito repellent. The raw berries taste very medicinal, but once cooked, the jelly tastes like a cross between Wild Grape Jelly and Cranberry Jelly. I'll be making the jelly soon.

Beautyberry Mosquito Repellent

Ingredients: 1 C torn up or crushed Beautyberry leaves 4 oz rubbing alcohol (I use 91%) Mason Jar Small size spray bottle

1. Put leaves into a mason jar 2. Cover the leaves with the rubbing alcohol and let stand for a couple of days in a cool, dark location 3. Strain the mixture, discard the leaves 4. Pour into a mini personal sprayer

Notes: This can cause skin reactions for some people. It can also stain skin and clothing. do a test spot before heavily applying. This recipe can be doubled.

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