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kendra holding a kendra's kreations sign that says homemade jams, jellies and more. below that it reads below that it reads like us on Facebook

Kendra's Kreations is owned and operated by Kendra Myers.

It all started with a huge bumper crop of jalapenos that turned into the first batch of Jalapeno Jelly. Kendra's Kreations is a small batch, artisan jam, jelly and pickle maker. 

Kendra's Kreations uses high quality ingredients including homegrown, organic, fair trade or locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Being green is a major priority of Kendra's Kreations. That is why jars, tags, boxes and rings are reused as much as possible. The jars we use are Made in the USA and are BPA free.

Kendra's Kreations operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law. Here is more information on the Texas Cottage Food Law.

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